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joi, 30 iulie 2015

Ora de odihna

Pe vremea asta caniculara , putina umbra este de mare ajutor. Vedeti unde si-a gasit pisicuta loc de odihna? :) Mariti imaginea pentru o mai buna vizualizare.

Si gugustiucul si-a gasit un loc bun de popas. Il vedeti? 

 Pentru rubrica Good Fences gazduita de Theresa

10 comentarii:

  1. Cute captures of the resting kitty and the dove. I love the colorful fencing, great photos. Have a happy day!

  2. Love that colorful fence. I think the kitty does too. Nice shots!

  3. My favorite is the first - so colorful... with a sleeping cat.
    Greetings from Germany..

  4. that first one is a colorful mix but i like it! the 2nd shot is wonderful!

  5. These fence/critter shots were fun. That kitty found a nice place to rest and what a colorful fence below. - The dove on the statue was neat as well and such a pretty scene.

  6. I like the green fences, great choice of colors.


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