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joi, 21 mai 2015

Pe langa drum, pe langa gard!

Ma intreb cum a reusit barbatul din imagini, sa ajunga in aceasta stare inainte de miezul zilei! Sa fie de vina si soarele sau doar bautura! :)  Cert este ca nu reusea cu nici un chip sa-si pastreze echilibrul. Pendula intre strada si trotuar.

Cand trotuarul nu a mai fost suficient de larg, a hotarat sa  foloseasca strada! Ce conteaza ca exista riscul sa se intalneasca  cu o masina! :)

Linking to Good Fences, rubrica gazduita de Theresa.

6 comentarii:

  1. Outstanding photos! I try to keep the vines from growing up my house though!

  2. Lovely pics, I like the vines on the house (even though they can be a structural problem, they look nice).

    I guess that car on the sidewalk is to blame!

  3. really lovely area, even if the sidewalk is not always accessible. love the vines and the blooms, too!

  4. Hello Ileana, I love the pretty vines and flowers. Lovely images and scenes. Enjoy your day!

  5. Nice fences. The green one is quite fancy and pretty. Good thing no cars were coming when the man crossed the street. Pretty roses too.


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