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sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2015

Parada medievala

Aseara, pe strazile din Targoviste, in cadrul Festivalului Medieval Dracula, s-a desfasurat  "Parada Medievala". Parada a fost condusa de domnitorul Vlad Tepes, urmat de osteni, domni si domnite! :) Parada a inceput de la Gara  Targoviste - Bulevardul Carol I( Castanilor) - Bulevardul Mircea cel Batran - Calea Domneasca - Parcul Chindia. Va las in compania catorva fotografii. Dincolo de costumele de epoca si de semnificatia evenimentului, pe mine m-a impresionat eleganta cailor.

Ultimelor fotografii le-am dat o " tenta" medievala!:)

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7 comentarii:

  1. Hello Ileana, what a wonderful parade. I love the horses and the medieval costumes. Wonderful post and photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Handsome horses! The costumes are amazing.

  3. I agree with what Gunilla said.

  4. Oh, Ileana, I wish I could go! What amazing fun! Vlad looks like how you would expect him to look...all the men's costumes and the horses, the way they are outfitted, exquisite! Then the ladies...oh my! LOVE their gowns. This is such a wonderful tribute to your heritage there. Vlad was after all "the impaler" but hey, one can forgive him his barbarity when you consider who they were fighting and why, plus it was a different time...and well, even ferocious warriors have their more civilized sides. He and the others all look so majestic! It was a real Prince and Princess parade!

  5. intradevar impresionant !
    Superbe fotografiile!
    Buna dimineata Soare!

  6. Ce frumoasa parada. Multumesc pentru imagini.
    O saptamana dupa dorinta!

  7. Poze foarte reusite , iar Tepes arata ca adevarat.


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