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joi, 8 ianuarie 2015

Calutii de la ...Zoo

A trecut ziua si abia acum mi-am dat seama ca e joi. Si daca e joi avem Good Fernces . V-am zis aici cum a fost ziua de azi. Acum, pe ultima suta de metri, am cautat prin arhiva si am gasit doua fotografii mai vechi, pentru ca nu vreau sa ratez editia de azi a unui joc care-mi place.

Pe fundal se vede un gard, care delimiteaza zona unde se afla pe vremuri adapostul pentru cainii culesi de hingheri de pe strazi.
Aici, este o poarta secundara de acces  la Zoo. Nu stiu sa mai fie folosita. In urma cu ceva timp am vazut calutii astia acolo si m-au impersionat pentru ca nu erau intr-o stare prea buna. 

8 comentarii:

  1. perhaps they were rescued and placed into shelter? i hope they are well-tended. thanks, ileana!

  2. Wow, I wonder what the whole story is here?

  3. I hope the horses are rescued and being treated well. Great fence shots.. Enjoy your day!

  4. I am sure they horses wrw would have a good life.e rescued and hno

  5. Nice fences. I do hope those horses are being cared for and that the poor dogs find good homes. It makes me sad when animals suffer.

  6. Your fence post very nice, but hate the horses have not gotten the proper care.

  7. I hope that the horses are in better shape now
    than they were then. Seems as if they have no
    shelter at all, as if they are always outside with
    no roof. I'm so sorry for them.
    I tried to read that from your other blog, but
    that translation makes it look stupid. And I have
    the feeling that it is about some very serious stuff.
    Just can't figure out what this about exactly.
    Wishing you a fine week, no matter who won ;)

  8. its a lovely fence. sure hope the horses get better care, perhaps they have just come in to the zoo.


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